I think as influencers a lot of us have been caught up in the appeal of growing a large audience or Instagram following. We think we need to have a giant readership to earn a living blogging, but maybe we’ve been misled, or atleast didn’t have access to alternative success stories.


Like me, you may see bloggers with large numbers and think that’s the only way to reach your goals of blogging full time. However, did you know there’s many bloggers earning a full time income with 10,000 to 30,000+ blog readers a month?


I know, I know – that still may sound like a lot to someone who is only hovering around 3,000 visitors a month or less. but it’s still a much more achievable goal than thinking you have to have 100,000 visitors a month.


The best part of this?


A lot of these smaller bloggers are earning their income through recurring, passive income – affiliates and product sales. This means they set and (mostly) forget and the money comes in each month.


This is something that sounds refreshing to someone like me who has to either chase leads for sponsored posts or write freelance articles to earn a couple hundred dollars a month.


While we all know passive income isn’t 100% passive, wouldn’t you rather spend you time working to increase your income rather than starting from scratch each and every month?


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Now, here’s the hard part.


In order to focus on making money rather than growing influence for the sake of it, we have to let our ego suffer a little. We have to dedicate the time we have to increasing our income, rather than increasing our followers purely for superficial reasons.


That doesn’t mean not growing our following, it just means only doing so in meaningful ways. This is important because a lot of us have limited time, and I can bet that like me, you spend a lot of that time trying to grow your following for superficial reasons.


I think we need to start redefining what it means to be an influencer if we want to make this our living.


Not everyone is going to go viral and become the next Adventurous Kate or Nomadic Matt. And quite frankly, coming into being an influencer with that mindset is what is sabotaging our chances of success.


We’re focusing on the wrong things and it’s getting us nowhere.


So I started this website to chronicle my journey. 


Two years ago I decided to start a travel blog as I dreamed of becoming location independent. While I have grown a moderate audience, the most I have ever made in a month was a measly 700 dollars –  and that was a month where I worked incredibly hard. The problem is, each month I’m starting from zero again.


It’s defeating and some months I wouldn’t even try to earn money because of it. 


So I started reading a ton of information online, thinking that somewhere someone had to be earning money a different way to how I thought I had to do it.


The problem is however, that while there are a ton of bloggers making money online, there is hardly anyone in the travel industry broadcasting how they do it with a small to medium sized audience. I took what I could from the bloggers who blog about blogging, but there’s only so much you can learn from people whose main profit comes from teaching others how to blog.


Since this blog is just a journal, and I aim to monetize my travel blog passively, I’m hoping this blog could be of future help to other travel bloggers on how to monetize passively with a smaller following.


Of course I say future, as I am starting with passive income partly from scratch. In the mean time I’d love to offer advice on how those of you starting out can grow that initial audience that you need to start earning passive income.

Together let’s redefine what it means to be an influencer. Join me?