June Monthly Blogging Report & July Goals

June Monthly Blogging Report & July Goals
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Apart from a great press trip in early June, this month has been earmarked as one of the worst of my life, and the start of July hasn’t gone so well either. Hence, I have gotten not a lot done, so much so that I’m not even going to go through my June goals as none were completed.



There were a few things I did well however. I somehow managed to finish off two guest posts (One for each site) and apply for three more (2 for site number 1, 1 for site 2). I’m determined to reach a DA of 35 by the time my contract is up and have been jumping on guest post opportunities with a DA40+ every time I see one. I’ve also been able to upload a video once a week for the last three weeks, which is just as well as those videos were from my press trip.



Speaking of the press trip, I’m excited to say that it went well and I have handed over all deliverables. I had such a good time hanging out with other bloggers and getting away from the stuff going on in the real world. It was amazing to actually be able to talk about blogging without the other person’s eyes glazing over, it really inspired me to get over my shyness and try to meet more bloggers.



Goals for July


We’re about a third of the way through July so I don’t want to hope for too much, but I still want to set some goals for the rest of the month.


Goal One: Enjoy 11 day holiday at the end of the month. I’ve arranged ZERO sponsored stays and activities for this trip so the only thing I have to worry about is getting cool video footage for my vlog, enjoying myself, and figuring out which types of alcohol mix best with banana milk. While the footage part doesn’t sound too relaxing I really do love vlogging so it’s fun for me.


Goal Two: Smooth Footage. After giving up carrying two cameras on the press trip and seeing the resulting shaky footage, I’m determined to suck it up and carry the gimbal with me to Jeju. Seriously, there’s been just so much unusable footage that I’m kicking myself – you are nothing without stabilization in the video game. In my defense, I would have been miserable carrying both so there’s not much I could have done. I’m purchasing a new, lighter camera for my Jeju trip, and Steve may be there to take photos (he hasn’t decided if he’ll go with me or see the rainbow mountains instead).


Goal Three: Write all articles needed for the weeks but relax on the two weeks I’ll be on Jeju. Due to all the crap that’s been happening I haven’t been able to focus on writing, but this week it looks like I’m back on track. I aim to keep it that way then take the time off while I’m on holiday. It doesn’t help that we have an insane schedule over July and August due to summer courses. However, I’ve been much more efficient and am finding I’m getting the work done.


Goal Four: Write the guest posts I set up. One is almost finished, the second is a packing list (which seems easier to write) and the third Steve is writing so I feel like this is achievable.


Goal Five: Add affiliate links into the top 20 posts. Yes, I still haven’t done this.



Income for June: USD400

Press Trip: USD400 (part payment, the rest is payed in July)

Affiliates: Eleven dollars earned but since I’m still under the $100 limit there will be no payment. I’m $65 dollars away from reaching the limit, or from having my account shut down (depending on which people you ask). I’ve heard Hotels Combined is notoriously for shutting down accounts once they reach the pay limit so we’ll see how that goes. The good news is that even though my traffic has dropped a little, my affiliate income has been gradually rising.



Outside of HC I’m about 53 euros away from Booking.com’s payment threshold, so I guess I’ll see how they both do. I really just use booking for my own hotel bookings though as they don’t have a cookie. I’ve removed most of my links from them (until something bad happens with HC atleast). And before you ask, yes you can use Booking.com affiliate links to book your own hotel stays.

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