May Blogging Report & June Goals

travel blogging income report 2017
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It’s safe to safe not a lot got done in May due to a few things happening in real life. I’m a little early on posting this report but since I’ll be posting articles over the weekend I won’t be able to make headway with any other goals. Here’s how I did in May and my goals for June.


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travel blogging income report 2017

May Goals: Result


  1. Goal: Get 2 weeks ahead – success!
  2. Prepare second travel blog for relaunch – half and half. Due to a complicated situation IRL I haven’t really had the time to update the theme. I’m thinking of keeping the same theme for the launch and changing it after six months or so. The thing is, I really like this theme, but I wanted it to have a bit more of a landing page vibe. Perhaps this is something I can get a web designer to add in later so I get the best of both worlds.
  3. Youtube: Get 2 weeks ahead / 2,500 views per month. Nope and nope, but I did get one week ahead.
  4. This website: Start – I’ve already written another non personal article about planning an independent press trip, and have decided a fortnightly schedule is best for this site. I’d love for it to add to my income stream if I become successful in travel blogging, but again, I want to prove myself in the travel niche, not in the making money online niche.
  5. Instagram: Still can’t be bothered.
  6. Courses: Have got through a few but not as many videos as I hoped due to a few things going wrong IRL.
  7. Email: Seriously what have I been doing all month? I have not written any email automations.



travel blogging income report 2017


Travel Blog One:

  • Pageviews: 26,000
  • Instagram: 14.8k
  • Social Media total: 55k
  • Posts published: 4



  • Views per month: 2k
  • Subscribers: 2,672
  • Videos published: 1


While we didn’t grow too much this month I had a really nice comment on Youtube asking us to upload more videos as they liked our channel. Coincidentally I was just about to upload a video as they said that so it made me feel more dedicated to upload regularly.


What I’ve realized is that goals are really hard to stick to when life gets tough, you really have to dedicate time to these things. I think I’m going to fail alot at following through before I start to see progress, I’m going to keep trying though.


June Goals

travel blogging income report 2017

  1. Travel blog #1: Write a monetisable article each week. I get busy and while I am writing every week, sometimes the article isn’t actually going to help us get money. I need to focus on monetisable content if making an income is the goal. Sorry, I’m not sure if “monetisable” is a word, if not I’m coining it!
  2. Travel blog #2: Carry out the first month without a hitch, no skipping articles or useless posts for the sake of laziness.
  3. Youtube: Stick to the gradually increasing schedule I’ve planned and stay two weeks ahead. Continue to try new things with editing, switching up the music, and better telling a story in our videos.
  4. This blog: Write 1 informative article a month and update my reports once a month. Stay 2 weeks ahead.
  5. Instagram: I want to upload daily and see what that does. I feel like either our engagement will go down, or it will go down initially, then start to build as people remember us.
  6. Courses: Finish the email and content marketing sections. I can do it this month! I believe in me!
  7. Email: Write the two welcome email series for Photography and Teaching English that I planned to do last month.
  8. Income: Put more affiliate links in. Last week I had the brilliant idea of putting affiliate links in our top 40 articles. In true Lexi style I decided to start with the least trafficked (21-40), got tired of the work and then gave up. This week I plan to implement them in articles 1-20, I really should have done the most trafficked articles first though, ha.



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Lexi is a young Australian pursuing her dream of location independence with her fiance through online influence.

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