Welcome To The Modern Influencer

Welcome To The Modern Influencer
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Welcome to The Modern Influencer, a blog chronicling the journey towards location independence through blogging.

On my About page I explain exactly what I’m doing here.

Two years ago I decided to start a travel blog as I dreamed of becoming location independent. While I have grown a moderate audience, the most I have ever made in a month was a measly 700 dollars –  and that was a month where I worked incredibly hard. The problem is, each month I’m starting from zero again.


It’s defeating and some months I wouldn’t even try to earn money because of it. 

So I started reading a ton of information online, thinking that somewhere someone had to be earning money a different way to how I thought I had to do it.


The problem is however, that while there are a ton of bloggers making money online, there is hardly anyone in the travel industry broadcasting how they do it with a small to medium sized audience. I took what I could from the bloggers who blog about blogging, but there’s only so much you can learn from people whose main profit comes from teaching others how to blog.


Since this blog is just a journal, and I aim to monetize my travel blog, I’m hoping this blog could be of future help to other travel bloggers on how to monetize passively with a smaller following.



Click here to read the rest.


On this website I want to share monthly updates on our location independence goals through our blogs and online influence. In the past I’ve had some success with freelancing and sponsored posts, however I’ll be focusing on establishing more passive income streams for my travel blog moving forward. It’s perfect timing for starting this website as well, as I’m sure many of you reading (is there anyone out there?) will be starting from square one as well. It will be good to have a clean slate and fresh start for our location independent journey.


My partner and I have two main, long(ish) term goals.

  1. To grow multiple income streams across multiple websites, focusing mostly on passive income.
  2. To eventually make USD100,000+ a year from our work online (5-10 years).




I currently run one travel blog with my partner, and another which is currently on hiatus until I make some changes on our main blog. I should be relaunching that second blog in June or July.


YouTube Travel Channel

Our Youtube channel which we have only started to take seriously in the last couple of months is currently at 2,267 subscribers and hovering just over a meager 2000 views a month. I personally think video is going to be huge, but I haven’t quite mastered editing yet so I take too much time to make each video. We really struggle with consistently uploading here.

I doubt this will be a big earner for us for a very long time but it’s a bit of a passion project for me as I really want to have videos to look back at when we’re older.



We’re currently at 14.8k, 8.8k, 7.9k and 14k on our main four Instagram accounts.



May Goals

For the next couple of months I really just focused on finishing the courses I’ve purchased, and then will be implementing what I’ve learnt. Hence, I’m not aiming to directly grow my income over the coming months, but to learn how to set up sophisticated email marketing funnels and advanced tips for affiliate placement.


We’re fortunate to have nearly 300 articles on our travel blog so I expect to see a decent jump in income once we make the changes.


Traffic Numbers

  • Travel photography blog – Hold traffic steady. Get two weeks ahead in articles in time for the relaunch of our second blog.
  • Luxury travel blog: Prepare website for re launch. Update theme and get two weeks ahead on articles.
  • The Modern Influencer: I’m not too concerned with traffic to this site as I have so much to do with travel and our main site right now. I’d love to focus on growing this eventually but right now I’m using it as more of a journal until I have a ton of helpful information on here.
  • YouTube: I’d love to get up to the 2,500 views a month mark. Mostly I would like to just get two weeks ahead on videos before I up our uploading schedule. I’ve observed a few other beginner to mid range vloggers and it’s looks like uploading certain types of videos, consistency, solid seo and uploading a lot is key to growth.
  • Instagram: I honestly can’t be bothered with instagram at the moment. A new algorithm change has seen our engagement drop by almost half and I just don’t really care anymore. I guess I’d like to average 400 likes a photo (we were in high 500’s/early 600’s before).
  • Courses: Watch one hour long video course Monday to Friday and get through the content marketing and email marketing parts of the conference.
  • Email: Write and set up our first email funnel for the photography topic and teaching English sub topic part of our blog.


  • Blogs & YouTube: Working on courses and implementation for the next few months.



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Lexi is a young Australian pursuing her dream of location independence with her fiance through online influence.

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